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**ARCHIVED** -- New Remote server introduction



This is the web link for the new Remote Server program web access. You may receive a certificate warning, but it’s fine to accept and proceed. Instead of logging in directly to the Remote server, you can run the programs you need from here. These programs include Jeff-Net the new report running software, Access 2007, and Internet Explorer. If you find that you are denied access, please contact Service Desk and we can correct your permissions.


You will login as follows:







Note that IE is only there for Mac users who have no other way to access CAMS Enterprise. For Windows users, if you are on campus, or VPN into to our network from off campus, you can access CAMS Enterprise locally from your native IE program. If you have any issues running Active X, please contact the Service Desk and we can help you set it up.




When you select a program to run, it will download a launcher to your machine. You will use this launcher for all current and future attempts to run this program. When you run the launcher it may ask you to login again. Please do so.


With the programs you will be able to access drives and printers that are on your local machine. They will be noted as such. You will also be able to access drives on Remote server, including your account’s folders, as well as the Public folder. The Public folder can be used to share files with other users who use the Remote server programs.


The exception to this is Jeff Net Report Viewer, which can only see drives mapped to your account on the remote server. You are free to login to Remote via Windows RDP and map the drive you want, or to contact the Service Desk and we can assist you. Be sure to mark the drive to reconnect at login.


If you are using a Mac, in order to properly use this feature you will need to download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store. Please contact the Service Desk in order to arrange installation.

Writer: Jonathan Reed
Created on 2016-11-09 10:02
Last update on 2018-09-13 11:39
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