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**ARCHIVED** -- Install Free Edition of Microsoft Office


Install Free Edition of Microsoft Office

The Context

In addition to accessing the online version of office via Office 365, students, faculty, and staff can download and install the full Microsoft Office suite to their computers and mobile devices for free, with just their Gordon-Conwell email address and password.

How to Download & Install

  1. Please log into with your full Gordon-Conwell email address (e.g. and password.

  2. If you are asked which account you want to use (Work/school or Personal), select Work or school account created by your IT department.

  3. You will see a list of the Microsoft Office apps you have access to. Clicking an individual app will take you to the online version of the app.
  4. To download the desktop version of the Microsoft Office suite, click Install Office near the top right corner and select one of the download options.

  5. Once the download has completed, run the file and allow it to install.

  6. Once the installation has completed, open one of the Microsoft Office programs through your operating system.  

  7. The software should ask you to activate it. To do so, you will probably have to enter your Gordon-Conwell account information again (note again that this is a work/school account, not a personal Microsoft account, if they ask you what kind it is).

Writer: Dawn Bamiduro
Created on 2015-05-08 16:11
Last update on 2018-10-17 16:11
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